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Tenant Lawyer

When to Hire a Tenant Lawyer

Has your landlord breached your lease, failed to maintain your rental unit, or violated your right to have a safe and habitable place to live? Your landlord may be using lawyers to prevent you from asserting your rights. Here are some situations when you should consider hiring a tenant lawyer.

Your landlord is forcing you out of your property

Your landlord gives you notice to leave your home but you want to stay. Once you are served with a summons and complaint, you are now on a court calendar, and you have to make some critical decisions about within a matter of days. Contact an attorney immediately before you face higher legal bills and hurdles.

Your landlord is evicting you illegally

If your landlord tries to kick you out, withdraw your utilities, change the locks on your home, you should hire a lawyer immediately. Only a sheriff acting upon a court order (“Writ of Possession”) can remove you from your home – not the landlord. A lawyer can help you stop, or punish, illegal landlord conduct.

Your landlord is discriminating against you

Your landlord may have said something or acted in some way that targets you because of your beliefs or your identity. Both federal and state law prohibit landlord discrimination against tenants. Whether you are uncertain, suspicious or have irrefutable evidence, a lawyer can help you understand how to use your rights based on the evidence you can prove.

Your home needs repairs

Your landlord is required by law to rent you a home that is livable. When your home needs repairs, you have the right to sue your landlord. A lawyer can help you document the needed repairs, file complaints with appropriate government agencies, and take necessary actions to help.

You fear you are a victim of the “Bait-and-Switch”

Your landlords may make promises to new renters to get the property rented. Landlord promises may concern your safety, your physical needs or the behaviors of neighbors. You may sue your landlord for misleading or false promises. 

If you are a renter and are experiencing problems, make an appointment today so we can help.

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