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I'll Drive to YOU!

December 16, 2019

Because I operate my legal practice from my Long Beach residence, I prefer to meet clients at locations which are more convenient to them.  Feel free to invite your intimate relations to our meeting -- it's your choice.

I have met clients in their residential property, at their place of business, or in public places such as coffee shops, public libraries or courthouses.  Your choice of meeting place depends on your comfort level with discussing your case in public among strangers.  If your privacy and confidentiality are priorities, I recommend meeting in your residential property, if at all practical.

When we meet, I bring my laptop and a portable printer, and we spend about an hour discussing your case and preparing your initial legal documents with your signature.  That way, you get to meet me face-to-face, ask questions, and present your evidence to support your written communications with opposing parties.

After our initial meeting, if it involves pre-litigation settlement efforts, there typically is no further action you need to take, until I hear from the opposing parties.

After our initial meeting, most further communications can be managed via phone calls and email messages.