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The Los Angeles Law Library "Lawyers in the Library" Free Public Program: Why?

December 4, 2019

The Los Angeles Law Library, located in downtown Los Angeles, hosts Lawyers in the Library one Friday each month where volunteer attorneys are available for free 20-minute consultations with people who have legal problems to discuss. The LA Law Library emphasizes that this program is not a substitute for legal representation, and they caution that consultations are limited to twice per year per person.  I have volunteered as a licensed, professionally insured attorney at the Library starting in May 2019.  I focus on tenant-landlord consultations, but often discuss other matters such as inheriting property, dividing property interests in the family, neighbor disputes about property boundaries and nuisance, and civil litigation related to property disputes.

At the conclusion of the consultation, people are asked to complete a survey about their experience.  Here is one question with several responses regarding my help:
"Question: In what way did your meeting with a lawyer in the Lawyers in the Library clinic meet or not meet your expectations today?
Answer: Ideas of how matter can be viewed to the other party. Warm to make matter “friendlier” to other party.
Answer: The meeting was helpful and through discussion of the issue I believe my expectations were met.
Answer: He gave me advice where it would benefit me best and the outcomes of my choices.
Answer: Louis gave us great advice, provided us with resources.
Answer: Great. Got a new way of thinking about the issue.
Answer: Gave me solutions; references
Answer: Yes it did"