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About The Law Office Of Louis Anthes

The Law Office of Louis Anthes is a Los Angeles County-based practice that specializes in Tenant-Landlord and Real Estate matters.

Solo attorney, Dr. Louis Anthes, brings his legal academic background and real-world experiences to your legal situation.  Whether you are a tenant trying to protect yourself or your family in your rental property, you are experiencing legal problems that pertain to your property ownership, or you are facing going to court, Attorney Anthes will work to vindicate you.

Dr. Anthes takes a personalized approach to every case and publicizes his practice under the headline, “$800 Flat-Fee Tenant Lawyer.”  You will receive his full and empathetic attention.  Schedule your free, 30-minute consultation during his regular business hours by using his on-line calendar 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week.

Dr. Anthes believes that wherever you come from, whatever your life circumstances, you rightly expect to be able to choose professional legal services from a variety of providers, including self-help.  Human rights and constitutional rights are meaningful in the context of your ability to talk to a licensed legal professional, which is one of the main themes of his Ph.D. history dissertation from N.Y.U., published in 2003 as “Lawyers and Immigrants.”  Complementing his practice, Dr. Anthes regularly volunteers at the Los Angeles Law Library where he offers pro-bono legal consultations to the public.  He also is a published author, who enjoys film, travel and the arts.

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